Friday, April 23, 2010

Top Trends in Social Media

As we look at the results from Read Write Web, I can't help but notice that the trend in usage by more than half the web users, parallels my own social web use. I have found Fb as a major community sharing tool not only for personal interactions with colleagues and past high school friends, but also for connecting with previous co-workers for gathering intelligence and information regarding work related topics.

I'm curious to know how users of Fb would rate their use of the top social web application? Work vs. Personal? If I had to rate myself it would probably be something like 20% work and 80% personal. I have been able to establish meetings and contacts with potential business partners via Fb simply by friending and messaging. I think this is very intriguing as this is something I definitely would not have done even two years ago.

However, as more and more usage and new announcements at F8 come about, I do see a trend in Fb being more of a LinkedIn communications like resource as well as a maintaining a personal resource for interacting.

Facebook Accounts for Half Social Traffic; StumbleUpon 2X Twitter

The top three social media sites a year ago were StumbleUpon, Facebook and MySpace, in that order.


Now, Facebook has taken a clear lead, with nearly half of driven traffic, with StumbleUpon in a surprising second place position, accounting for nearly a quarter of all traffic, and Twitter just behind that with one out of every 10 hits to websites from social media. Myspace, on the other hand, has virtually disappeared, dropping from 16% of hits to nearly 1% this month.

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